Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fall is on the way

I'm still working on Bellatrix. The Lisa Souza wasn't doing anything for me. The yarn is soft and smooshy and pretty, just not the right match for something named after the evil LeStrange sister. I frogged those and started again in Claudia Handpaints Purple Earth. OK, these are lovely! I'm working on the foot for the first sock (wish me luck). There is a lady I work with who also knits and she constantly knits socks; when she saw these, she asked for the pattern. (I don't envy her the task of knitting for a size 13 foot!) She is a wonderful person: kind, patient, soft-spoken, and caring. I gave her some of my sock yarn that I knew I'd never use and she has almost completed a pair. I also let her borrow a 36" Inox circ when she asked how I was doing the Magic Loop. I hate DPNs. They always seem to get caught up on each other, the yarn or may hands. I do need to set the sock to the side for a few so I can crank out a poncho for Kimmy.

Yes, Fall is coming. The past few nights have dipped into the 40's. Luke loves it because the weather has been great for running on the soccer field. Kimmy and I get to sit on the freezing cold metal bleachers and try to cheer through chattering teeth! This is such a simple pattern (A Very Harlot Poncho) but I keep forgetting which row I'm on. I've frogged it 3 times now!

We did manage to go to our local arts festival on Sunday (I worked 12 hours and had been awake for 20). There was a booth for "The Two Bag Ladies" and they had some fantastic hand-made totes for $35 and under. I hit the $10 bin and found a messenger bag with a skateboard theme (a guy completing a 360). It has two pockets on the inside and I love it! Of course, my son is hinting that it is "pretty cool". I'm not giving this one up, darn it! The guy who sells hand-turned wooden bowls was there too. He uses "junk wood" but manages to work with the knot holes and flawed grains to make beautiful works of art. He uses box elder with this orange-red color flaw and the bowls look like they have flames or Northern Lights worked around them. I've coveted one of these for the past three years, but at $145, I just can't justify it. (Hah! Don't ask what I spent in yarn this year!) I need to save up a bit to go to the RenFest this year anyway.

Now that I have a blog, I decided to complete a sorting hat quiz. Here's the result:

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

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